KaVo Diagnodent

Accurate Caries Detection Aid

More and more patients place value on healthy and attractive teeth. In order to maintain them, the earliest possible care is essential. DIAGNOdent aids in the detection of cavities. Even very small lesions and incipient cavities can be detected, enabling you to protect and preserve the tooth substance.

Ever Play Hide and Seek with Cavities?

Within the decay model, the accuracy of diagnosing "hidden" occlusal cavities is a challenge. With KaVo's DIAGNOdent laser detection aid, our visual and radiographic evaluation can be significantly more accurate.

• Rave reviews from leading testing facilities (i.e. REALITY, Dental Advisor) & many practicing dentists all over the world.
• Proven to be over 90% accurate in cavity detection.
• Ideal adjunct to minimally invasive techniques (air abrasion, micro rotary instrumentation, etc.).
• Allows monitoring of cavity progression.
• Small portable device which is simple to operate.